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About Glossy - At a glance

Glossy empowers your work, the way you work.

easy to use

Glossy smoothly plugs into Microsoft Word. This means that you need not leave your favourite working environment (a WordPerfect plug-in will be released in 2001).

your own glossaries

Glossy lets you create your own glossaries or terminology databases. Simply select a word, click on a button and your term + translation will be memorised. Terms and translations can be recalled from a glossary with a single key-combination or a mouse click.

translations at your fingertips

Before you start working on a document let Glossy "parse" the entire text. All terms that you have previously translated will be highlighted right in Microsoft Word. One click and the translations are pasted into your text.

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you too can translate web pages!

Did you ever have to translate web pages or HTML files? Or have you declined offers because you thought that these jobs are for very computer-savvy translators only?

With Glossy, translation of web pages is as simple as translating a standard Word document!

To put it shortly: with Glossy you translate web pages directly in Word with all the advantages of glossary lookup and management.

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any language

Glossy supports Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Arabic or any other language that is supported on your PC.

You can even mix languages when translating web pages. Preview intermediary results and have ALL characters displayed correctly in your browser.

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cost effective

Glossy is very affordable. Why invest more money when Glossy can provide exactly all the features you really need?

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