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About Glossy - For translation agencies

Simplify Management of Web Translation Projects

Can your translators work with Word?

With Glossy you convert web pages into Microsoft Word documents. This means that translating web pages becomes as simple as translating any other document. No need to learn or buy additional software!

A translator just sees text he actually needs to translate. HTML code is hidden from him/her so that formatting problems belong to the past once for all.

You decide what has to be translated:

Glossy automatically extracts the translatable texts from a web page, including meta-tags or image descriptions.

However, at any time you may view the HTML code and mark additional parts for translation. This comes very handy when pages contain JavaScript or server code messages.

All translatable segments you have selected will be sent to the translator. Now you can be sure that only these segments will be translated. Not one more nor less.

Quality control:

Glossy makes proof-reading a straightforward task:

  • view both original and translated segments for quick comparison
  • preview the translated page in your browser to verify formatting and layout
  • apply corrections directly to the Word document and let Glossy update the HTML document.


Share Terminology

In many cases the use of a specific terminology is mandatory in a translation project. Of course you can always transmit your glossaries or terminology databases to the translator. But then you know about all the problems related to synchronisation and all the software tools, sometimes very expensive, that each translator requires.

Would life not be easier, both for you and your translators, if the relevant terminology could be embedded right inside the document or web page?

Glossy does exactly do that for you. Terms found in your glossaries (stored on your PC) will appear highlighted in the document and the corresponding translations will be displayed when the user moves the mouse cursor over them.

Glossy uses standard Word comments for this purpose. Consequently, the translator does not even require Glossy to access the terms. He just needs Microsoft Word!


Read on to learn more about Glossy features or browse the " hands on" samples.


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