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About Glossy - Features


  • Glossy adds a menu bar and a command bar to the Microsoft Word user interface. All functions are accessed from within Word.
  • Glossy highlights (comments) in your document all terms found in one or more glossaries.
  • Moving the cursor over a highlighted term pops up a window with the translations. A single mouse-click or keyboard shortcut inserts the translation at the cursor position.
  • The auto-translation feature automatically replaces all highlighted terms or words with their translation.


Glossary management

  • Create an unlimited number of glossaries or terminology databases and work with several glossaries at the same time.
  • Use profiles to group glossaries or terminology databases for a specific client/project.
  • Import glossaries from Trados (R) Termwatch, flat files or Word documents. Export glossaries to Word tables or lists.


Web page translation

  • Supports most types of web pages: *.htm, *.html, *.asp, *.aspx, *.php, *.php2, *.php3, *.cf, *.inc, *.asa, and others.
  • Automatic identification of translatable text including relevant meta-tags, image ALT attributes, relevant VALUE attributes, and others. Webbot contents can be excluded or included for the identification of translatable text.
  • WYSIWYG display of Web documents: Glossy uses your Internet browser to display both the original document as well as your translation. Just click on a button and see your work displayed in your browser.
  • Full support of practically all language alphabets through the UNICODE standard.

  • Possibility to manually mark any scripting code messages/texts as translatable (simply select text and click on a button).

  • Show/hide HTML code right within Word. Automatic colouring of non-translatable text for detailed analysis of HTML code. Colours can be customised.
    • Easy proof-reading through optional display of original text on top of each translatable segment.
    • Batch import/export of web pages. Prepare an entire site for translation with Glossy.


    Language support

    • Supports all languages installed on user PC. Support for double byte languages such as Chinese, Japanese, etc. Bi-directional language support (Arabic).
    • Terms may contain characters from different alphabets (e.g. Greek letters inside an English term).
    • Automatic identification of web page encoding: Arabic, Cyrillic, Eastern-Europe, Japanese, Chinese (Big 5 and others), etc.
    • On demand Glossy adjusts the CHARSET attribute of the translated web page. This ensures that the results are properly displayed in the browser.
    • A multi-lingual preview option generates a UNICODE version of the translated page (very useful if source and target languages use different alphabets).


    System requirements


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