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Hands-on #2

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Sample 2 demonstrates how Glossy simplifies translation of web pages.

4. Start working on a web page

You have received a web page. Job description: translation from English into Spanish. The page looks like this:


Open Microsoft Word. Glossy automatically analyses the HTML code and identifies all the text that needs to be translated.

After a few seconds you will be presented with a new Word document. This new document contains all the text you need to translate (blue colour). Text segments are clearly delimited (two small pink dots).

Hyperlinks (URLs) are underlined for informational purposes.


5. Translating the web page

Not much to say here ! Simply translate one text block after the other - it's just normal text.

You want to compare the source text with your translations? No problem!

Click on a button and Glossy will display the original texts in red colour on top of your translations. Proof-reading made easy!


6. Preview translations

Now that we have translated the first few text segments we want to check how all this looks like in the browser. This is what the Glossy Preview option is for. Take a look at the screen below: the URL and the first paragraph appear in Spanish, the rest has not yet been translated.

At this point you are probably saying to yourself "how simple web page translation can be!": No HTML code to understand, no special purpose editor, browser previews only a mouse click away, etc. Well, this is how Glossy works (and why should it be more complex anyway?)


7. Advanced features

If you are an HTML savvy user then you can get access to the raw HTML code as well.

Under certain circumstances this display mode can be very useful, e.g. if a page contains JavaScript code displaying a message to a user. Select the message with the mouse, click on a button and Glossy will "convert" it into blue translatable text. Hide the HTML code and continue translating.

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