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Support and FAQ

1. Do I need to be connected to the Internet when translating with Xanadu?

Yes, you need to be connected. Xanadu sends your words, terms or texts to online dictionaries and online text translation systems. It then presents to you all found translations within a single web page.

The same applies when you search a translator or a specialised glossary.

2. Xanadu does not display translation results in the browser

Currently, Xanadu will only work if you have Microsoft Explorer installed on your PC. Most PCs come with Explorer preinstalled even if you are using Netscape, Opera or any other browser. However, please note that some Windows 95 versions did not include Explorer by default.

3. Sometimes a small window pops up telling me that Xanadu is updating its configuration. What is this window for?

From time to time (once a day) Xanadu tries to connect to the server and checks for new dictionaries, text translation systems and language news. If there are any changes then Xanadu automatically downloads the new configuration, which is stored in a small text file. This procedure is called "LiveUpdate".

If the download fails or the Internet connection is not working, an error message will be displayed.

4. How do I download the different language versions of Xanadu?

The single download file includes all four language versions. When you are starting Xanadu for the first time you will be prompted your language preferences.

5. What shall I do when I find a bug?

Please let us know! See below for more details.

6. What about an Apple Mac version?

Unfortunately, Xanadu does not run on MacIntosh computers.

7. Does Xanadu spy my system?

No, Xanadu is not a "spyware". This means that is it does not retrieve or transmit any personal information from your PC other than those entered by you during registration, plus your Windows version (98, NT, etc.) and language. These data are not disclosed to any 3rd parties.

8. I cannot start Xanadu - "Can't create object"

On some PCs the installation of Xanadu fails. You will typically get an error message such as "Can't create object". We are working on this problem and hope that the next release will properly run on ALL PCs. Please contact us.

9. I have a problem after upgrading Xanadu

If you upgrade Xanadu you may get an error message when starting the tool. To avoid such problems make sure that you upgrade exactly as follows: completely exit Xanadu (no Xanadu icon must be visible in the traybar), uninstall Xanadu from the Windows control panel (Add/Remove software), install the new version.

10. I cannot register!

Error messages during registration are probably due to the fact that you are connected to the Internet via a proxy server. Please click here to download a patch (1 kb). Save the file to your disk and double click on it (it is a small text file instructing Xanadu to stop asking for registration). However, some functions including the LiveUpdate and the Links and Translators database will not function correctly. We apologise for this inconvenience.

11. Xanadu locks up on my double screen system

After starting Xanadu on a multi screen or multi desktop system, the software seems to be stuck. If you are using an older version of Xanadu then please right-click in the system-tray window and open the configuration screen to "release" Xanadu. Or, double-click on the Xanadu icon in the system-tray bar. A big thank you to Odo M. for this finding.


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