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Cómo trabajar con Glossy #3

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Sample 3 is all about languages. Be it Chinese, Arabic, Czech, Russian, Japanese, ... Be assured, Glossy "understands" any language.


8. A Chinese sample

Take a look at the following screen. It is a Chinese (Big 5) web page that we will now translate into English.


Use the Import Web Page option in Glossy and you will be presented with a standard Word document as shown below.

Simply translate one after the other each block of text and, well, your work is already finished...

Remember: red indicates the source text, blue is the translation. In the above screen we have translated the first two URLs (URLs are underlined).


How does our translation look like in the browser? Have the format and layout been preserved as they should?

Click on the Preview button and here we go:


9. A word on languages

Glossy supports any languages supported by your PC. These include languages written from right to left such as Arabic as well as texts encoded in double-byte (e.g. Japanese) or Unicode (universal encoding standard).

A special browser preview mode ensures that characters of different languages are always displayed correctly. In the example above we have seen English and Chinese characters on the same page. You translate from Japanese to Russian? Both Cyrillic and Japanese characters will be shown. (This option requires Microsoft Explorer 5 or Netscape Navigator 5).

Once you have translated all text segments you are ready to send the result to your client. Go to the "Export Page" option and save the final HTML page.


10. Afterword

With Glossy we wanted to create something easy to use, which can handle your terminology and makes web page translation fun.

Give it a try and tell us your opinion.

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