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Foreignword in the press

E-translators: removing the language divide
By J. Murali
3/5/2001 (The Hindu (online edition))

... is another site that contains links to various translation tools besides hosting its own service that helps translate terms in one language to another. From this feature- rich site, which can be accessed at, you can download many translation related utilities. One such utility is Xanadu (2.2 MB), a translation wizard. This helps you find the meaning of any word or text in a particular language by invoking a few key combinations. The software, once installed in your machine and invoked, works in the background and it can be brought to the forefront from any Windows application such as MS Word or IE by clicking a few keys together. For example, while typing in Word, if you want to know a particular word's French equivalent, just select the word and press the key combination `SHift CTrl T' and immediately the program's interface pops up with this word; at this point, you can press the necessary button to get the required output. The program supports more than 60 languages.


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