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About Foreignword

Foreignword is one of the most popular language sites worldwide and its unmatched translation tools are in daily use in such prestigious organizations as the World Intellectual Property Organisation or the European Community Translation Services. Its products, especially Xanadu, the language and translation wizard, have received a warm welcome by hundreds of thousands of users all over the world.

Foreignword has been featured in various newspapers and magazines such as El País, 01 Informatique,, Courrier Cadre, Multilingual Computing, and many others.

Foreignword - two sites and are dedicated to the world of languages and translation and more specifically to all the new possibilities brought about in this area by computers and the Internet. On-line dictionaries and glossaries, translation tools, translation memories, machine translation, etc. Our pages address both the professional translator as well as the casual user ready to try the new linguistic technologies which will shape the future of the translation business.

Foreignword language software products

Xanadu translates words, terms and texts right from your desktop and from/into over 60 languages. Additionally with Xanadu you can now find professional translators and specialised glossaries, read regularly updated language news and much more.

Glossy is the solution for translators looking for a powerful and yet easy to use tool to simplify the translation of Word, Text, RTF documents and WEB PAGES. Glossy is a computer assisted translation tool, specifically powerful for the localisation of web pages right within Microsoft Word.

Intellectual property solutions

Foreignword is also very active in the development of specific language solutions in the field of intellectual property. The role of language technology in computer applications in this field is becoming more and more important.

We have established a series of partnerships with some relevant actors in this field in order to develop state-of-the-art products and services for this market. For more information please contact us.


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