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About Glossy

Why You Need It

You lose a lot of time finding and organising your terminology. You know that computers could help but you do not want to spend time learning complex software solutions. After all you are not a computer guy but a translator!

You find translating web pages a difficult job. Maybe you have declined such offers. Maybe you have lost a client. Maybe just one...

But now you've got a solution.

NEW! We now propose three different versions of Glossy: A freelance edition, a professional edition for small translation agencies and a corporate edition capable of sharing terminology among 50+ users. Please contact our partner and distributor my-xML for more information on the pro and corporate edition.


Why you need it

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Web page translation

Translation agencies
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Translate text documents and web pages with ease and without having to care at all of the technical issues of HTML. Glossy is both user-friendly and respects at the same time the original web page format/layout to the last comma. Last but not least, Glossy includes a web page word counter!

Create and maintain your own glossaries directly as you translate. Have the translations for difficult terms right before your eyes , exchange your terms with other colleagues or import external glossaries in just a couple of minutes.

Glossy addresses both the translator as well as the translation agency: Glossy converts web pages into Word documents (no loss of information)! These documents can then be easily translated even if you do not own Glossy.

Once you have tested Glossy features for the translation of Web pages you will never, ever want to use any other tool...

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