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PH.D. in general and comparative linguistics at Salzburg University (1979)
Giving lectures at the department of linguistics of Salzburg university (Austria) since 1980, and sometimes also at other universities (p.e. Klagenfurt, Austria).
Freelance translator since 1984


History, archeology, philosophy, medicine, alternative therapies, legal contracts, web content, software (screenshots etc.), literature, lyrics, technical content, business items 


Recently delivered projects:
Biography Wernher v. Braun (Italian-German) for Spektrum der Wissenschaft, Heidelberg (Germany);
Webcontent (Spanish-English) for Consejeros Empresariales, Barcelona
Contract (English-German) for ABH Stromschienenbau, Duisburg (Germany),
German songs (German-English) for Aycock, USA;
Webcontent (English-German) for ToLocalise, London.
Energy and mines in Algeria, French-English, for a client in Algeria.
Website, Spanish-English for
Cosmetics product description, German-English for

Standard Business Terms
Usual rate is EUR 0.065 per word, for rush projects (extremely narrow deadlines) EUR 0.07 per word.
I can translate up to 3500 words daily, with rush projects even up to 5000. Usually projects are delivered before the deadline expires.
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Maxdata Tower PC Intel Celeron,Printer Brother HP2 and NEC P20, Scanner Medion
Windows 98, Office 2000 (with Powerpoint, Excel,Frontpage, Access), GammaUniverse, Trados 3.0, Uniscape 3.0, Adobe Acrobat Reader, IE 5.5 


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