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Web-lingo.com offers the services of more than 2000 qualified and approved professionals including mother-tongue translators, proofreaders, editors, copywriters, web developers, software programmers, project managers as well as branding and design consultants. These professionals all work together to provide our clients with affordable and professional solutions.



Web-lingo.com is a South African based business-to-business translation service. We offer general and technical translations as well as specialised solutions to web development and software localisation companies around the world. In addition we build multi-lingual websites. We can either translate your current website or build a multi-lingual website to enable you to extend your business to markets around the world.



More than 13 years:

We translate English into and from the following languages:

Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Burmese, Catalan, Chinese (S&T), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English (U.K.), English (U.S.), French, Farsi, Finnish, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Malay, Malagasy, Malayalam, Maltese, Marathi, Northern Sotho, Norwegian, Polish, Punjabi, Portuguese (Brazilian/Portugal), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Setswana, Shona, Southern Sotho/Sesotho, Spanish (South America), Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexico), Swahili, Swazi, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Tibetan, Tsonga, Tswana, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Venda, Vietnamese, Welsh, Xhosa and Zulu.



Web and Software Development skills

Tools: Java, Delphi, JavaScript, Clipper, dBASE, Advanced HTML, XML, DHTML, XHTML, PHP, C/C++ (Windows/Unix/BeOS), Visual Basic, VBA, Advanced Clarion, Cobol, MS SQL7, MS Access, Relational ANSI SQL, MySQL, Topspeed.

We have extensive experience in:Online technical solutions, Zend systems, Parallel programming, RAD programming, multimedia programming, code optimization, Web enabled database integration, E-commerce enablement and Data mining.
Operating systems: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000,BeOS, Linux, Irix, Mac OS and Oberon.
Other Skills: Adobe Photoshop and 3D Studio MAX



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