Carolina Conde

Yanko Sakazov 17
1000 Sofia


University degree in Translation and 19 years of experience working in the subtitling/dubbing and technical area.


Professional Experience

08/10 - 06/14
Spanish/Technology Teacher
Anglo-American School of Sofia
Sofia, Bulgaria

08/07 - 07-10
Audiovisual Dept. Coordinator
Escuela Campo Alegre
Caracas, Venezuela

04/07 - 05/07
English Coordinador (substitute)
Warner Brothers
Caracas, Venezuela

08/00 - 07/05
Script Production Coordinator (subtitling)
The Kitchen/Claxson
Miami, US

09/88 - 01/89
Translator (dubbing)
Productora Cinematográfica ETCETERA
Caracas, Venezuela

03/92 – 11/99
Translator/Editor (dubbing)
Estudios LAIN
Caracas, Venezuela

08/92 – 12/99
Translator (dubbing)
Estudios LIPS
Caracas, Venezuela

09/96 - 09/97
Editor (dubbing)
Mundo Ole
Caracas, Venezuela

09/99 – 08/00
Translator (dubbing)
Estudios LOOPS
Caracas, Venezuela

10/99 – 10/00
Teacher (Audiovisual translation/subtitling)
Universidad Metropolitana
Caracas – Venezuela


Audiovisual and technical translation.


English - Spanish (native)


Central University of Venezuela
School of Modern Languages
Degree in Translation
Languages: English/Russian

Under-degree Investigation Work on Terminology.


Workshop: Terminology
Lecturer: María Eugenia Franceschi
School of Modern Languages, U.C.V.
Caracas, 1992

Workshop: Adaptation and translation
Lecturer: Prof. George Bastin
School of Modern Languages, U.C.V.
Caracas, 1994

Seminar: Translation Pedagogy
Lecturer: Prof. Jean Delisle (Ph.D., Professor of Ottawa University)
School of Modern Languages, U.C.V.
Duration: 12 hours
Caracas, 1994

Seminar: Terminology
Lecturer: Prof. Monique Carmier (Termium, Canada)
School of Modern Languages, U.C.V.
Duration: 8 hours
Caracas, 1995

Course: Terminology (2nd workshop)
Lecturer: Mª Eugenia Franceschi
Faculty of Humanities and Education.
Duration: 48 hours
Caracas, 1996

Conference: American Translators Association 41st Annual Conference
Organized by: ATA
Duration: 3 days
Orlando (US), 2000


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