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After working in electrical engineering field for about 10 years, I switched to translation because of a love for languages.


software Localization, Engineering and Technical manuals, film Dubbing scripts, software prmpts, Mobile prompts, General Legal booklets, Insurance policies and other matters, Copywriting for ads, educational materials. 


• LOCALIZATION - Microsoft: working with one of the vendors of Microsoft on the localization projects of their Office 2007, Windows Vista, MSN, Outlook Web Access, Win7. Windows Live Mail for last 3 year as Hindi Terminologist. Well versed in the methodology and tools of localization. Completed many projects.
• LOCALIZATION: Localized entire website of the world's largest Translation and Localization Agency into Hindi.

• MOBILES – Nokia & Motorola: I have been working constantly and extensively with Motorola, Nokia and Samsung for translation of their Mobile strings and user guides.

• LOCALIZATION - Google: Regularly working with Google for translation of their new products and services, like Adwords, Adsense, Google Mobile etc. Translated their popular social networking site Orkut.

• LOCALIZATION: Localized the immigrant section of National Bank of Canada website into Hindi.

• TRAINING: translated online training software for a premier insurance agency and for two government agencies.

• MEDICAL & Clinical trials: Apart from writing many medical based scripts for discovery channel and ads and brochures for pharma companies, I have done many medical papers for a host of agencies, the most important being a 45000 word job done for a premier translation agency of the USA, that involved working on the documents for assessment of patients having several psychiatric disorders. I worked on their interviews, the process of assessment and the rating system. I have translated clinical research papers for many studies and currently working on MAPI trials as translator and reviewer.
• DISCOVERY TV CHANNEL: I have been working with Discovery for last 9 years, translated more than 400 scripts on a wide variety of subjects such as medical, nature, science, it and many more. Done dubbing direction of more than 100 episodes.
• CLINICAL PAPERS: Translated a whole set of clinical study papers including informed consent forms, effect of the study medicine etc.
• MARKETING: For last 4 years, doing copywriting/creative translation for some of the most reputed ad agencies of India. Worked on Sunsilk, Rin Shakti and Kachhua mosquito coil. Created original ads and campaigns.
• CORPORATE: Translation of documents, brochures and legal terms & condition papers into Hindi for corporate companies in India.
• INSURANCE: Translated original policy documents into Hindi for two most reputed private insurance companies and still working with them for their day to day translation requirement.
• TRADE MAGAZINE: Translated a trade specific magazine from English into Hindi for 1 year.
• CARTOON & FILMS: Translated Hindi scripts of more than 1000 cartoon scripts and more than 50 Hollywood movies in Hindi.
• COMPUTER: Translated more than 7000 Hindi commands for two computer software.
• WEBSITES: Regular localization work with a couple of websites.
• LEGAL: Translated many legal terms and condition papers and booklets into Hindi. Translated a whole set of constitutional documents (50000 words) of a UK based legal body.
• ENGINEERING & TECHNICAL: Translation of many brochures and catalogues of engineering products.
• MOBILE: Working with a premier mobile handset mfg company on Hindi predictive text project for their handsets.
• EDUCATIONAL: Conversion of the whole Hindi textbook of 9th grade into voiceover format for creation of a software based teaching.
• Translated a 164 page (50, 000 words) book written by a renowned US writer.
• Currently performing medical translation for various pharmaceutical companies that includes their leaflets and other material.



SOFTWARE: Windows XP, MS Office 2003, Adobe 8, HTML Help Software, MS FrontPage 2003, MS Publisher 2003, LocStudio 6.1, Helium, Trados 2007 Freelance Version 


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